About Me…

Following a recent unexplained (unexplainable) event in my life, I have brought into question the religious, moralistic and scientific beliefs I have held since early childhood. After conversations with a dear friend and a rather random Facebook status update (which went from man-flu to the complexities of entanglement theory in 18 threads), my mind felt devoid of any real foundation for what I truly believe in, what it is that I stand for, and perhaps most importantly, what makes me me.
Scraping the surface of this Facebook topic and looking into the mind boggling realm of quantum physics, I came across this quote by Wolfgang Pauli:

‘I believe, however, that to anyone for whom a narrow rationalism has lost its persuasiveness, and to whom the charm of a mystical attitude, experiencing the outer world in its oppressive multiplicity as illusory, is also not powerful enough, nothing else remains but to expose oneself in one way or another to these intensified oppositions and their conflicts. Precisely by doing so, the inquirer can also more or less consciously tread the inner path to salvation’.

It is not right for one say that things just can’t exist without reason. Self belief does not have to be based on fact, but by trying to understanding polar opposites, one may just find oneself in the process. So this blog intends to do just that. I will endeavor to find the real me and if indeed infinity beckons…


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