Breadcrumb Diary: Week 1

#1 The Busted Roller-Blind
My wife and I had been debating over a number of years about replacing the roller blinds at the front of our house with either wooden panels or wooden Venetian blinds. The debate was always closed on cost, for two bay windows and two single pane windows would cost in the region of £500. A short while before Yule, we went up to Ikea to get our daughter a new wardrobe, and saw that the price of wooden blinds had been drastically reduced to something almost affordable. We thought nothing of it, until I had read that there had been a spate of burglaries on the Wirral, in fact that evening as I was closing the roller blind, I saw a group of “North End North Faces” outside our house looking rather dodgy. That night I said to the wife that first thing in the morning I intended to go to Ikea to get the replacement blinds, as security was now a factor as anyone can see into the front of our house. So that day I did exactly that. As I went into the dining room the next morning, I went to open the first roller blind to the ceiling so I could take it down, but as I raised it they whole thing crashed down around me, completely busted. As the Oracle once said in The Matrix “Oh, what’s really going to bake your noodle is would you still have broken it if I hadn’t said anything?”…

#2 Lost Control
So part of my New Years Day annual ritual is to eradicate the house of all things festive, and to box up and things that jingle and relocate them to the attic. Whilst in the attic, I came across my stored blu-ray DVD player and decided to reintroduce it to the living space (it being temporarily relocated due to the advent of the Raspberry Pi). So after setting it up in the morning, we settled down to watch a DVD later is the day to find that there was no remote control, which was annoying as the blu-ray player is bereft of buttons so reliance is high on the remote. I went back up into the attic to have a look but to no avail. Feeling frustrated with me having to get up and down to player and back, I thrust the SMART TV remote on to the sofa another time to get up once again, and as if by magic, the DVD paused, as it appears that the blu-ray player had automatically synced up with the TV remote (as the Raspberry Pi had done month earlier)…

#3 News just in
Later that day, I was listening on my bed to an Anthony Peake (new age “woo-woo” apparently) podcast in which he refers to a famous Bill Hicks quote “News just in. Today a young man on acid realised that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing ourselves subjectively. There is no such things as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the weather”. That quote has always made me think as well as chuckle. I posted the quote as my Facebook status update, and went back into the loft to put the final post-Yule items away. On peering to the left of the attic opening, I shone the torch around to see that the first book in my view (not on the shelf but on the attic floor was a biography of Bill Hick (Bill Hicks Evolution). All within the space of five minutes. Spooky…

4# A clue
Still reeling slightly from my Bill Hicks vision in the attic, my eyes panned around and the next thing to come into my vista was the game Cluedo which sat dusty on the bookshelf…

5# Late Latte
Upon retiring, I made myself a cup of coffee in the kitchen, and staring down into a particularly frothy cup, I noticed that the spiralling swirling vortex in the mug resembled the header on Infinity Beckons (picture of the Andromeda nebula). It was at that point that I decided to construct a breadcrumb diary and post it to the site…

#1 Wonders of the Universe
After my early morning jog on the sea front and with all inhabitants of the house still well and truly in the Land of Nod, I dusted off my Wonders of the Universe box set and hit the play button on the now one device fits all Samsung remote. The opening scene of Episode 1 (Destiny) is set on the plains of Chile. Prof Cox explains that one of the earliest astrological calendars was created thousands of years ago by ancient Chileans who built 13 mounds on a hill, and at various times of the year the sun rose directly in the valley between each mound. The day the episode was filmed was September 15th, a gentle of the birthday of a certain person who remains on my negative vibe merchant list, and something I have no control over and will continue to exist within my consciousness. Thanks for the reminder Brian…

#1 Ascent of Man
I used to be a big, big fan of Eddie Izzard (I guess I still am and I have just forgotten), and I recall that in one of his earlier performances he expressed his love of Sunday afternoons watching Dr Jacob Bronowski’s Ascent of Man with his dad. Around the time I started to research into the evolution of consciousness (and man in general) I recalled this and over the Yuletide period, managed to find some grainy episodes of the 1973 BBC series on YouTube. The two I watched in full were fascinating (to me anyways, much to the polar opposite views of the wife) and so I popped in to eBay and found the full series on DVD for £15 which I duly purchased. Last evening I took a long bath and listened to Dr Bronowski’s Desert Island Discs from the BBC archives. Instead of the usual 3 songs, he was for some reason allowed to choose and being of German descent, it was proliferated with the likes of Marlene Dietrich and German classical composers. For absolutely no reason whatsoever, I thought that Adagio for Strings was going to be one of his selections, maybe because it was heavy on the classical and it’s my favourite piece, but it did not appear. Today I sat down to watch the first episode of AOM, and the very first music track played was Adagio for Strings by Barber…

#1 To Infinity and Beyond
A while back my neighbours sadly broke up and for the last two months, the neighbour who stayed in the house has been “borrowing” my Broadband. Lately the network speeds have been pretty bad so I was talking to the wife about changing the password to kick her off as her borrowing was likely having an effect. Literally ten minutes later the postman dropped a single letter through the post from British Telecom, advising that fibre optic broadband is now available in our area. So I set about getting it there and then…

#1 I predict a Riot Van
Flicking through my Spotify playlists, I decided to pick on a personalised Arctic Monkeys playlist I pulled together recently, and instead of playing them in the order of the playlist, I hit the shuffle button (and predicted the first track to be play was Riot Van). The odds of getting it right were 14/1, but yes the first song was Riot Van…

#1 Love and Marriage
A colleague in work has had a rotten time in work recently, compounded by the fact that her and her long distance boyfriend broke up. I have been sharing my yoga/meditation/reiki experiences with her recently (as well as some books) and I could see that she was operating more in the positive space, which in turn gave her the kick to get back in touch with her ex to see how he was doing. For the last few months I have had a feeling that everything was going to go right for her and when she advised that she was going over to Seattle to stay with him over Christmas I was pretty certain that she would come back from the US with a ring on her finger. I pinged her this morning and the first three words back were not “Happy New Year” but “I am engaged!”…

#2 Reiki recall
Another soak in the bath was in order as a pretty bad headache had materialised. Whilst in the bath, I put on the Kundalini Yoga playlist I got from Laura last year and picked up my Reiki Bible book I bought from Brighton. Recalling the conversation I had with Ruddo at the Nick Harper gig about the pineal gland and “3rd Eye”, I flicked through the book to find the 6th chakra which is represented by a two petal lotus with an inner triangle with an eye dead centre. For some reason my vision was instantly drawn to my very first tattoo which is a Poisoned Electrick Head album cover (The Big Eye Am) which is a circle made of tribal thorns (lotus leaves?) offset in the middle is a triangle with a solitary eye…

3# And stop calling me Woo-Woo
Taking the dog for a long walk in the cold winter night is a pain, but usually it’s the time I can listen to podcasts so I don’t mind so much (until it is picking up poo time). Last night I listened to a 2008 Anthony Peake podcast (on Alchemy Radio with interviewer John Gibbons) in which he talks about his book “Is there Life After Death”. A funny thing that stuck out was his reference to woo-woo’s, which is a phrase I had not heard before. A woo woo is a term used by sceptics; a derogatory and dismissive term used to refer to beliefs one considers nonsense or to a person who holds such beliefs. When I got back, I was casually flicking through my Facebook News Feed to see that Anthony (who is now my “friend” on Facebook) mentioned the term specifically in his update literally minutes before, the first time he has done so since connecting with me…

None recorded…


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